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HUNAN DENKAI CO., LTD. was founded in September 2002 with a registered capital of 5 million RMB. The company specializes in tea producing, processing and exporting.

Our company was certified by ISO 9001:2000 in 2006.

In May 2007, the company was appraised “Well-known Enterprise in Tea Business” during the International Tea Exposition.

In 2008, the company had been selected as “China Top Hundred Enterprise in Tea Business”.

Starting from establishment till now, the company has been the second foreign exchange earning enterprise in tea business in Hunan province.

HUNAN DENKAI CO., LTD. has the elite team with nearly 20 years experience in export trade. The General Manager of the Company and the Director of the Factory are both highly talented graduates from the Tea Science Department of Hunan Agricultural University. They have both professional and theoretical knowledge and rich practical experience in export. Therefore, in the past 20 years, export volume has been keeping good results in Hunan province. The quality of the products and variety of the assortment have always been trusted and loved by our customers. In 2006, the company registered “Denkai” and “HNT” trademarks.

Our products are directly exported to Europe, the United States, Russia, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa, etc.

We have our own tea factory, as well as bases on tea plantations in almost all provinces of China, such as Hunan, Yunnan, Fujian, Zhejiang and Anhui.

At present the company’s management policy is export-oriented, the expansion of the international market is stable. Our future development goals: keep the stable development of the international market and open up domestic market; continue to increase the management and investment of the ecological clean tea bases, in order to meet the requirements of the international market for the quality of our tea.

In 2005, HUNAN DENKAI CO., LTD. invested in the exporting tea-processing factory – HUNAN DENGFU TEA FACTORY. It was built in Liuyang Industrial District (driving about an hour from the company’s office). The factory covers an area of 1.8 hectares and totally costs 30 million RMB.
Our tea factory was built strictly to the HACCP standard with the processing workshop 3600 square meters and the storehouse 3400 square meters. The annual production capacity is more than 15000 tons.

The Factory Director is a PhD in Tea Science. He has about 10 years experience of teaching tea science in Hunan Agriculture University. All of our tea masters are the highly talented graduates from the Tea Science Department of Hunan Agriculture University. Moreover, they were supervised by our Factory Director during the university study, thus they understand each other perfectly.

We have an area of more than 300 hectares of tea growing sites in Tenglong county of Yunnan Province. 1600 tons of tea can be produced there every year. Tea gardens are located at an altitude of 1600 meters above sea level, surrounded by clouds and fogs all year round, so the tea produced there is very good in quality. The site is taken care by plant keepers. Since bio-pesticides are slightly used there, all the products correspond with the European Union Food Sanitary Standard.

Furthermore, the company strengthens the construction and reinvention of the factory as well as the management and construction of tea bases. Nowadays we have bases on tea plantations in almost all tea producing provinces of China, such as Hunan, Yunnan, Fujian, Zhejiang and Anhui.

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